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September 1998 - September 2002 : Nanny
Working as a Nanny for Juliet in Chiswick, West London. When I started Juliet had just turned seven. When I finished she had just turned 11. I left Chiswick as Juliet went away in September 2002 to Wycombe Abbey boarding school.

The house I lived and worked in is three storeys high and contains four bedrooms.

The car which I had access to was an old white Volkswagen Golf.

Juliet Chiswick House VW Golf
Juliet The House The Volkswagen Golf
The pub which I considered to be my local, for no other reason than it was conveniently located at the end of my road is called The Paragon.
The Paragon Pub, Chiswick High Road, London
The Paragon (and the end of the road)
I was fortunate that this break between jobs occurred at an appropriate time that it allowed me to travel to Australasia to work and travel.