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Marie's Recommended Links
This page is where I put links which I think are worth knowing about. Some have useful downloads, others are just generally useful.

ZoneAlarm Logo
FREE Firewall : ZoneAlarm is free for individual and not-for-profit charitable entity use (excluding governmental entities and educational institutions).

AVG Logo
FREE Anti-Virus : AVG Anti-Virus Free is for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only.

eBay Turbo Lister Logo
eBay Turbo Lister : Must have tool for anyone that wants to sell on eBay. Once you have the program downloaded you can spend as long as you like preparing your listings ready for eBay. It will download updates when you connect to the internet, and calculate listing fees before you upload. You can load as many or as few items as you like, and if you want to choose a particular time for your listing to start/end you can even do that! Allows you to browse the listing categories at your leisure, save any information you have put in, and edit it as many times as you like, including adding photos. Invaluable!

Google Toolbar
Google Toolbar : Makes searches much quicker and easier. The toolbar can be moved around to wherever suits you. My favourite features are 1) Highlight which highlights all the key words you have searched on, and makes each key word a different colour and 2) Search which allows you to click on one of the words you have searched for, and it will take you to the next instance of where this word was found. I use this all the time. Much better than having to type in or everytime you want to do a search, as a the toolbar is always visible (unless of course you choose to hide it).

JPEG Optimizer Logo
JPEG Photo & Picture Optimiser : Simple program that allows you to optimise your photos for websites or emails. Reduces the file size. When you run it you are able to see the original image at 100% and adjust the copy image to a percentage that suits you. As you reduce the percentage size (by either using the sliding scale or changing the percentage manually) you are able tol see the quality of the image descreasing. The file size is also shown so you can see how much smaller you have made it. When you are happy, you can then save the image.

Kelkoo Logo
Kelkoo Price & Shopping Comparision : First place to go to compare prices if you are looking to buy something. If you are not sure on the exact make or model you can narrow down your search in many of the categories depending on what criteria you are looking for.

Money 4 Banners : How to make some easy money! If you have your own website, then add 3 small banners, and every month you will get a 5. You can either have the cash paid into your Paypal account, or you can have a voucher to spend at (valid for 2 years). There's a bonus sign-up of 10 too! Please use this link so that they know who recommended you... If you add your vouchers into your Amazon account they don't seem to have an expiry date at all!

e2save : Fantastic mobile deals available. I got a 12 month contract with cashback - over the years contract I claim all of my money back!!! Please use this link so that they know who recommended you...

Jenks Shield Logo
JenksWorld : More Free Downloads listed by Tony Jenks.

Merlin Design Sundials Logo
Merlin Design Sundials : A lovely site to choose a personalised sundial. Keith was a pleasure to deal with when I spoke to him on the phone, and tailors to individuals designs. He put me a "visual" on the website which I was able to check out before confirming that I was happy with the final design!