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Round-the-World Plan for 2002-2004
On 3rd October 2002 I left the UK for Australia. I travelled with a company called BUNAC, the same company that I traveled to the USA to work with in 1997 once I had finished University.

The options which I had to choose from for return flights are as below. I made the decision to travel via Bangkok on the way, and via Auckland, Honolulu and Los Angeles on the way home.

UK Flag on Great Britian Map Outline Bangkok
Hong Kong
Los Angeles
Auckland & Los Angeles
Auckland, Fiji & Los Angeles
Auckland, Honolulu & Los Angeles
Auckland & Buenos Aires
Buenos Aries & Rio de Janeiro
Australia Flag on Australian Map Outline
I travelled clockwise around Australia, including all the major cities, as well as Tasmania. The rough route was:
Sydney – Melbourne – Tasmania – Adelaide – Alice Springs – Uluru – Perth – Broome – Darwin – Cairns – Brisbane – Sydney (for onward flight)
I stayed in New Zealand for 4 months from September 2003 - January 2004. Travelling on I went to Hawaii for 3 weeks before heading over to Los Angeles.

I had a week in LA before joining a trip which lasted for 6 weeks and took me down into Mexico.

I flew back from Mexico City to LA and caught a connecting flight to the UK arriving home on 12th March 2004.

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