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October 2002 - February 2003 : Nanny
Worked as a Nanny for Claudia and Natalie in Bellevue Hill, East Sydney. Claudia had just turned six and Natalie was about to turn four.

The house where I was living and working is raised above ground level. There is a basement where my accommodation was, but this this still above ground level!

The car which I had access to was an silver Land Rover Discovery.

Claudia (6) & Natalie (3) The House in Bellevue Hill, Sydney Land Rover Discovery
Claudia & Natalie The House The Land Rover Discovery
The house has a beautiful view of the city and the harbour bridge. To the far left you can see Sydney Tower, and to the right you can see the harbour bridge.
View from Bellevue Hill towards the City of Sydney
The view from the house towards the city
I had a bedroom and a bathroom both off the playroom. There are stairs up to the rest of the house, as well as my own external door. There was a television with Foxtel and a PC with internet access.
My Bedroom My Bedroom The Playroom
Looking into my bedroom Looking out of my bedroom The playroom towards the front door
The Playroom The Playroom The Playroom
The television & PC The playroom with bathroom and bedroom doors. The playroom looking towards the stairs up to the main house.
My Bathroom My Bathroom
My shower My bathroom